Healing Return Prices Selling 98 -23.44% Buying 66 1220.00% Platform. PC. PS4. XB1. Data Source. Trade Chat. Warframe Market. Healing Return. 88p. 18p previously 106p View Full Data Buyers. 66 ( 61 ) Sellers. 98 ( 30 ) Last 30 days. Last 7 days Last 30 days Last 90 days.

Healing Return 治愈归复 Squad Shield Restore (Small) 团队护盾补给(小型) Viral Damage 病毒伤害 Shwaak Prism 施瓦克棱镜 Jupiter 木星 Hysteria (Weapon) 狂化爆发(武器) Vulcax 金工火舌 Nezha Dracun Skin Nezha龙线虫外观 Thumper 重击者 Holiday Content 节日特供 Tectonics 大地构筑 Aiming at Downed Enemy 对着倒地敌人 Nightwatch Bailiff 夜.

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Healing Return – Sellers | Riven Market Warframe – Find Sellers of Healing Return, and get in touch with them easily!

Changes. Updated Healing Return Mod to read: "Healed by X for each status type affecting the target hit".

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LESION – VIRAL | HEALING RETURN by AeonSeraph, last updated on Dec 16, 2019. 2 Forma | 287 Platinum | 115160 Endo – An instrument of unrelenting harm.

Warframe - Healing Return vs Life StrikeWarframe – wf.poedb.tw – Name Rarity Polarity Rank Compat Stats Note; Healing Return: RARE: 10: MELEE: Restores 1 Health per Status Type affecting the target. Melee MELEE

I believe Healing Return only heals the player. Not the sentinel. EDIT: Actually, the wiki says otherwise: If equipped on the Deconstructor (Prime), this mod will allow Helios (Prime) to heal itself provided its target is suffering status effects. It’ll only heal the Sentinel then.

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Iron Staff Prime (High Status Damage with Healing Return) by ZeroX4 by ZeroX4 — last updated 3 months ago (Patch 27 ) A unique staff wielded by the Wukong Prime Warframe.

20.10.2017  · Warframe – Healing Return vs Life Strike. Lina. Follow. 2 years ago | 29 views. Would admit, original approach i took to the same build setup was more of a test of the way they work than which is best, have to watch it all for it to make sence.r r outro Title Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Track name (unknown)r Official Warframe.

We saw an amazing number of players log in to experience Return of Reckoning and we welcome you all. You may have noticed we had to do a couple of reboots over the weekend. Due to this we have decided to extend the Double XP, Renown & Influence weekend until the patch on Saturday 14th 12pm Altdorf(CET). New player remember to check out the guides HERE. If you have questions you can ask.